Chase Dales FAQs

Are there age restrictions on ownership?

The homes at The Chase Dales are available to people over the age of 55 so that residents are surrounded by like-minded people. There are no ownership restrictions on the properties only occupation restrictions.

What if my spouse is younger than 55?

At least one spouse has to be over 55 to live at The Chase Dales. If the younger spouse is widowed then they are able to stay in their home regardless of age.

Can we let out our home?

Owners are permitted to let their property providing the tenant is over the age of 55. The let must be for a minimum term of one year. Freeman Retirement Living do not arrange the set up or management of rentals.

Do you charge Transfer/Assignment Fees?

Unlike many companies, we do not charge transfer or assignment fees upon a sale so you will receive 100% of the proceeds upon sale

How much is Ground Rent?

There is a ground rent of £300 per annum for the leasehold properties.

Can I have broadband installed?

Yes, you will need to contact a broadband provider. The location of these homes benefit from excellent connections and fibre optic broadband is available should you require superfast speeds.

Can we do alterations to our home?

Exterior maintenance and redecoration is arranged by the Estate Manager.The internal maintenance and redecoration of the communal areas of the main building will also be arranged by the Estate Manager. You can carry out alterations and redecoration internally subject to the provisions of the lease.

Are pets allowed at The Chase Dales?

Pets are permitted to live at the Chase Dales. We kindly ask that you take your neighbours into consideration and dogs are to be kept on a lead at all times within the development.

What do we do with our rubbish?

Refuse is collected via a bin store located at the front gates of the development.

Do you offer domestic care?

We do not offer a domestic care service, however residents are welcome to arrange a home nurse as and when required. Our Estate Manager does not hold any nursing qualifications, nor are they permitted to administer medicines however they will be happy to provide further information on companies providing the relevant service in your area.

What happens if I struggle to use the stairs?

All of our homes are built for future planning and are adaptable for various living needs. The stairs in the new build homes are wired for a chair lift is required. In addition, all homes are specifically designed so that residents can live on the ground floor if necessary with a bedroom, wet room, kitchen, dining and living room with accommodation upstairs for a carer or family members.

How often will the external of my property be decorated?

External decoration will take place every 5-6 years.

What is Tunstall emergency alarm system?

Our emergency alarm system has been installed to give residents and their family’s peace of mind.   Each home is connected via an emergency button to a 24 hour telephone helpline so should an emergency occur such as a fall or sudden illness, a housing management team will ensure that family members and emergency services are contacted immediately to deliver efficient care and support.

Can I install Sky?

Yes, this can be done when you take possession of your home, all you need to do is contact your preferred provider.

Have the properties been banded for council tax?

No. This will be assessed once your property is occupied and we are unfortunately unable to give any estimate of council tax.

Is flooring included?

Yes, please speak to our sales coordinator for details of what flooring is included.

Is the property freehold or leasehold?

The new build properties are sold on a freehold basis and the converted apartments are sold on a leasehold basis, with a 125 year lease.