The Fairways FAQs

Do I have to pay charges?

Service Charges

All occupants pay a service charge which covers all the costs associated with living at The Fairways excluding usual household bills, living expenses and council tax. Prices vary depending on the size of your apartment and the number of occupants. Services covered in the charge include:

  • Buildings insurance
  • External window cleaning to the building
  • Internal window cleaning to communal areas
  • Maintenance and cleaning of all communal areas
  • Cost of heating, lighting, water and power to communal areas
  • Lift maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Health and fitness facilities
  • Door entry control systems
  • Village transport
  • Operation of the shop
  • Staff on site 24/7 should you need them
  • Emergency response
  • On site administration
  • Access to Chaplain if required
  • Ground rent
  • Organisation of activities and events

Personal Care and Support

MHA can provide personal care, domestic support and maintenance services as required for £15 per hour as required should you need it now or in the future.

Deferred Management Charge

At the Fairways, we believe that owners should be able to live in their apartments in the safe knowledge that the management company won’t come knocking on the door when major works are needed to the village. A deferred management charge is paid into a fund on the sale of each property to pay for the cost of major repairs. This method ensures that everyone can be reassured that the funds will be available when needed and owners all contribute to the fund based on the length of time they have lived at the Fairways. Examples of the type of works include:

  • Resurfacing of car parks
  • Reroofing of properties
  • Rewiring of village facilities
  • Renewing of swimming pool renewing of restaurant kitchen and appliances

Experience shows that a deferred management charge not only gives peace of mind that these works can be carried out without increasing the annual charge meaning you have more disposable income day to day and over the longer term each owner will pay less than general repair bills for an average family home. You will not pay anything until you sell the property. At that point you will contribute 1% of the value of your home for each year you have lived at The Fairways.

Is there parking?

There are 61 car parking spaces, providing ample space for residents and their visitors. The parking is on a first come first served basis.

Who is the care provider?

Care at The Fairways is provided by MHA. They are an independent charity founded in 1943 by the Methodist Church to provide support for people, regardless of their background or belief.

The charity has built a reputation for its high standards and is one of the highest rated care providers in the country. All their staff are highly qualified professionals who firmly believe in treating people as individuals and providing care that focuses on peoples’ unique needs.

You can call on MHA’s award-winning specialist help whenever you need it. MHA’s professional standards have been highly praised by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). MHA also focus on spiritual well-being, and a dedicated Chaplain is available at The Fairways, should you or your relatives require it.

Are pets allowed?

We wouldn't want you to be parted from your beloved pets so we welcome existing pets to The Fairways, subject to approval from the manager. 

Does post get delivered direct to my apartment?

Yes, the postman will be given access to the building to deliver letters directly to apartments. Post will also be collected directly from The Fairways if you hand your post in at reception. It will be mailed at the end of the working day. 

Is there an on-site doctor?

There is no on-site Doctor/GP. You will need to register with a local GP if moving to the area.  We will recommend a doctors surgery, if required. 

Can I install a phone line, the internet or Sky TV?

Yes you can easily have Sky TV, a phone line and broadband internet installed. You will need to contact a relevant provider to have the services installed and will then be liable to paying the subscription charges. 

Can my friends and family use the facilities?

Yes all the facilities are available for friends or family to use if they are visiting you, provided they respect the other residents. Gym inductions will be necessary and a small fee will be charged. 

Are there any social activities?

There is a programme of social activities for you to join, should you wish. All residents are welcome to suggest and assist in arranging social events.