Easy Move

Our customers have told us that one of the hardest aspects of buying into our retirement homes is the stress and worry of selling their own. Combine this with the uncertainty of securing a sale in this difficult market and it all adds up to one big headache we know you can do without.

That’s why we have teamed up with Bridgefast Property Services who for a competitive fee will manage the sale of your home, so that you don’t have to. The Bridgefast service is dedicated to the retired homeowner and has been designed to take the stress out of selling your property. This unique service aims to help you sell more quickly, whilst helping you maximise the sale proceeds of your home. 

How much will Easy Move cost?

Bridgefast charge a 2.25% plus VAT fee for managing the sale of your home, based on the eventual agreed sale price. Included within their fee will be the estate agent’s commission and your standard legal fees relating to the sale.

There is no cancellation charge should you change your mind and as the fee is paid out of the sale proceeds, there are no upfront costs. Bridgefast will manage the whole sale process for you:

  • Assigning you a dedicated Personal Advisor, committed to the success of your property sale
  • Obtaining a valuation for your approval
  • Overseeing the marketing
  • Securing the best possible price within your time frame
  • Dealing with everyone associated with the sale – including surveyors, the estate agent, solicitors and buyers
  • Offering you solutions to the smallest of problems
  • Supporting and advising you

Additional services

Included within this valuable service is the option for Bridgefast to:

  • Recommend and arrange your removals
  • Arrange gardening and the maintenance of your empty property, if you move before your house is sold (the cost of these additional services would not be covered by the standard fee).

How does the service work?

Each managed sale programme is unique and specifically designed to minimise the inconvenience and stress during the sale process, whilst maximising the sale proceeds of your home. Your appointed Bridgefast Advisor will contact you to explain the process, go through your requirements and assist in completing the application form. Once this has been undertaken, they will arrange for two market appraisals with local estate agents. Bridgefast will approach the agents on your behalf, taking account of your preferences. Using their reports, a comprehensive marketing plan will be compiled on your property, with the aim of selling at the highest possible price, in the shortest possible time.

Convenient Move

We would like your move to your new retirement property to be as smooth as possible, with Convenient Move we've tried to do some of the hard work for you. 

My old furniture is not suitable!!

If your old furniture won't fit or doesn't suit your property, we have it covered. Our Show Home has been furnished with the help of a talented interior designer who can offer our buyers a complete line of soft furnishings in a variety of colours you might enjoy.

Need appliances or new furniture?

Ask your Independent Living with Care Sales Co-ordinator for the most up to date availability and pricing of high quality furniture and appliances from our friendly suppliers. There is a variety of styles, colours and price ranges so you're sure to find something that suits.

You can also be assured that all your selections will be installed before you turn the key in the door.

Who can help me with removals?

Ask your Independent Living with Care Sales Co-ordinator for the contact details of our preferred removal company, for a competitive fee they can arrange all your removal and storage requirements.

Getting rid of some things?

Your Independent Living with Care Sales Co-ordinator can also assist in arranging house clearances for a competitive fee through our preferred removal company.

Can Freeman Retirement Living make moving day easier for me?

Yes, we can make special arrangements through both sets of solicitors to allow you to have access to your property after exchange but before completion via a key undertaking. This is invaluable for the purposes of having carpets, appliances or built in wardrobes fitted in your new property before you move in. With Convenient Move your day will be a breeze and your new retirement property will be ready for you to enjoy.

If appointing Estate Agents or Solicitors seems daunting, we can also help you to find reputable local companies at competitive prices.

Any other help?

For a very competitive annual premium, we can take care of your contents insurance too. Ask your Independent Living with Care Sales Co-ordinator for more information. We are able to offer cover at surprisingly low premiums to cover your most treasured possessions.

How can I benefit from Convenient Move?

To find out more, speak to your Independent Living with Care Sales Co-ordinator or call 01249 448112

Supported Move

Freeman Retirement Living realises that there is more to buying a new property than simply choosing and moving. 

With Supported Move, we want you to know that we are also here to offer advice on a full range of financial matters that affect people in later life. If you need information about benefits and entitlements designed for your needs, or advice on your finances and care costs, MHA has experts at hand trained to explain what is available and to help you make your move with confidence and security.

Partners in care and advice

Freeman Retirement Living has teamed up with two other organisations that also specialise in the care of older people and who can advise you on financial matters ranging from state benefits to insurance packages. Care Aware is a non-profit service that specialises in giving free advice to older people who are considering different housing are care options. Care Asset Management is an award winning advisory organisation which can help you plan your finances and prepare for funding the costs of care.

What kind of advice can I receive?

  • Benefits. Did you know that millions of pounds of state benefits go unclaimed every year just because individuals don't know that they are eligible? Many of these benefits are not means tested. Care Aware can tell you if there are benefits and entitlements that you could be claiming.
  • Financial planning. Planning for future care needs can be a complex business. Care Asset Management can help you make the most of your income and savings, and avoid unnecessary taxation. They can even appoint someone to look after your affairs should you become unable to do so.
  • Legal issues. Making wills, protecting of gifting your assets, establishing powers of attorney...these are among the matters that Care Asset Management are happy to talk over with you and offer solutions. 

Do I have to pay for these services?

Some of the advice can be offered free. Other advice, which may involve establishing legal or financial arrangements for you, will require a fee. However any cost involved will be made clear to you before discussions begin.

What do I do next?

If you think you could benefit from Supported Move, contact us on the number below. We will ensure you have access to the advice you need.

Sure Move

We care when our customers share their concerns over the time it may take to sell their home before they can secure one of ours.

With Sure Move, we can arrange for your home to be bought quickly, under a hassle free part-exchange service; then all that is left for you to think about is enjoying your new retirement living.

How does Sure Move work?

Freeman Retirement Living has established Sure Move in conjunction with The PX Partnership, a property purchasing company specialising in the retirement market. We will arrange for your property to be sold and speed up your move within a matter of weeks. You won’t even need to organise an Energy Performance Certificate. Freeman Retirement Living can arrange the whole process and help you every step of the way. The PX Partnership will arrange two valuations of your home, to be undertaken by local estate agents. Based on these valuations and the company’s own research, you will be offered a purchase price. The offer is non-negotiable but it is entirely up to you whether or not to proceed with the sale.

How much will Sure Move cost?

There is no cost for this service, even if you accept the offer and subsequently withdraw. The only costs you will have are your own legal fees and associated moving costs.

How long will it take?

You would aim to complete on the purchase within an agreed time with us once the offer has being agreed. You will then set a moving in date.

How soon will my house be remarketed once I agree?

Once you agree to sell under Sure Move, your house will be remarketed straight away. If your house is already on the market with an agent, it may be that they are retained to sell on. Otherwise immediate access will be required in order to produce an Energy Performance Certificate and to place the property back on the market with a locally appointed agent.

How is the purchase price determined?

The price you are offered will take into account the need to cover the costs of reselling and doing so within about six weeks. The type of property and its location will also affect the price that can be offered. This means that an offer under the Sure Move scheme will be different to the asking price an estate agent would recommend. Typically it will be around 85-90% of the valuation placed on the property to allow a sale within a six week period.

What are the benefits?

  • You have a guaranteed sale and the ability to move quickly
  • You know immediately how much you will get for  your property
  • You will have no estate agency costs
  • You will have no EPC cost
  • You will have less running costs to cover over a lengthy sales period
  • There is no uncertainty with broken chains or falling house prices
  • You will have peace of mind, knowing that your purchase with us will proceed.
  • Hold the keys for both old and new property for two weeks after completion
  • On top of that, if contracts are exchanged within eight weeks, Freeman Retirement Living will discount the price of the property you are buying from us by £5,000.

What type of properties will be considered?

All types can be considered under the scheme, regardless of size, condition and whether they are leasehold or freehold. Only retirement accommodation is excluded from Sure Move.

What areas will be considered?

We are offering Sure Move nationally, so regardless of where you live you can be assured that you can take advantage of its many benefits.

How do I proceed?

Contact us and we will arrange the valuations and for an offer by The PX Partnership to be made to you within two weeks. If you accept, you are only weeks away from enjoying your retirement living!