Find out what our residents have to say about life at The Fairways

We recently interviewed our residents at The Fairways to find out all about life at the village. We were very pleased to hear so much positive feedback and thought you might like to read what they had to say:

On the facilities...

  • "We visited 3 other ‘retirement villages’ but none of the others came close to having the facilities like The Fairways does. We use the facilities on a regular basis – especially the pool. When our granddaughter visits she makes use of the pool also!"
  • "Our daughter has stayed in the guest suite when visiting us. We think this is a fantastic facility and it means our daughter can have the privacy of her own space but not have to be in a hotel. She can still be extremely close to us without putting the pressure on us."
  • "I was unsure whether to spend money on a washing machine or spending extra on getting a washer/dryer. I had a conversation with the neighbour who told me not to waste money on a washer/dryer when we have a laundry room and use the dryer in there. This is what I now do and it is a fantastic facility."
  • "The facilities at The Fairways are fantastic – I have had visitors come and they have stayed in the Guest Suite which was extremely convenient and comfortable for them, it was also nice for me to have them close but without the stress of having the host them in my home.  A facility like this made the decision to downsize a lot easier."
  • "I would certainly recommend The Fairways to anyone looking at moving – there is nothing else like it around with all the facilities available to you. I particularly like the idea of living independently but having the security of knowing there is help on site 24 hrs a day 365 days a year if in the future I come to need it. This means I can enjoy living independently now and I won’t have to move again in the future if my health or abilities change."
  • "One of the things I loved about The Fairways is that I was allowed to bring my beloved cat with me to my new home. I am aware that not all retirement villages allow pets and this meant a lot to me that she could come with me. She keeps me company and I wouldn't have considered moving anywhere I wouldn't have been able to take her."

On the mini bus service...

  • "We love the mini bus service and have used this on multiple occasions – even though we have a car. We have even called the lady who drives it and she has done extra special trips for us!"
  • "The mini bus is an excellent facility and something I have used on a few occasions to get into town."

On the activities...

  • "We have both taken the opportunity of using the activities schedule provided by MHA to meet new friends and my husband is even planning a boys day out to Castle Combe race circuit with a couple of his new neighbours."
  • "It is always nice to know that there are activities going on and people organising them for us, it’s nice to get involved in these and meet other residents."

On the social aspect of life at The Fairways...

  • "One of the first things we noticed about living at The Fairways is that everyone is extremely friendly – the staff, the waiters, the cleaners and all the residents. Both my wife and I were made to feel extremely welcome as soon as we moved in."
  • "The quality of the apartments and The Fairways is outstanding and I can’t fault it. I love that I have the privacy of my own home and still have outside space where I feel away from it all, but then I can step outside my front door and be in the middle of a community with people around me."

On downsizing...

  • "We love that we have downsized and now have more time to enjoy our retirement instead of cleaning and maintaining a large property."
  • "I moved from a large 3 bedroom home to The Fairways and it is comforting to know that I no longer have to worry about the up keep of a home and the ongoing maintenance."

On the Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement...

  • "We moved in with an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) which was brilliant – it mean we were able to move house at our convenience without the worry of a sale falling through or waiting on the dates set by our buyer."



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