There is no need to be lonely...

Retirement Villages see an end to loneliness

  • One million elderly people are chronically lonely, charities have warned
  • Almost a quarter of over-75s who live alone go days with no human contact
  • As the population grows, more than 1.5m retirees set to be affected by 2028
  • Studies say social isolation can be more damaging than not exercising

Loneliness is something that isn’t often spoken about until it has taken hold.  In society today we do live in an era of communicating online and spend less and less time talking with people face to face. Where neighbourhoods were once a bustling array of vibrancy and colour, parties and conversations, of relationships and friendships, the world has changed in the last 15 years or so and we now live in an insular environment where contact is less forthcoming and friendships are harder to form. The generation that notices this change the most is the older generation who’ve watched this transformation in their life time.

So how can you combat loneliness?

It’s worth noting that loneliness isn’t age exclusive, it can affect anyone at any time of their life but it does tend to be most prominent later in life, maybe through the loss of a spouse or simply through the isolation that is felt from not being part of a community. There are many charities established to deal with this issue but the first step is to acknowledge it and to take steps to solve the problem, as it is easily solved.

You are not alone

It is definitely harder to deal with helping someone that is lonely in later life if they are living alone or in a remote cut off area. Maybe it’s yourself who’s feeling isolated or you’re concerned about a loved one or friend who seems withdrawn. This is where Independent living villages come into their own. These villages aren’t just about having support in later life, in fact there are many home owners that never even need to use this facility, however it is peace of mind to know that there is assistance if it is ever needed. Villages like The Fairways in Chippenham are age exclusive developments where like-minded people live side by side and enjoy the community that develops. There are lots of activities that people can get involved in or some people may simply like to take a relaxed approach and be a little more private, secure in the knowledge that friendships are all around them. With lots of facilities on the doorstep there is always something to do and someone to talk to so that loneliness can truly be a thing of the past.

We have only a few apartments left at The Fairways, if you are interested then please call 01249 448112 to find out more.

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