Top 3 benefits of independent living

Independent living is for those people who are very independent and active and it’s worth noting that most don’t even require any assistance with daily activities but actually enjoy the feeling of living in a community of like-minded people, in a similar stage of life to them. Here are the top 3 benefits of independent living that we found when talking to our homeowners here on site…

1. Maintenance and worry-free living

Just knowing that all of the jobs that used to take up time and energy are now being looked after is a big plus for a lot of our home owners. No need to waste all weekend trying to keep on top of the garden, your time is your own to do what you enjoy most.

2. Amenities, entertainment and social life

Being part of a community has so many more benefits to living in a standalone property. Gone are the days of not speaking to your neighbour or knowing anyone on the street, an independent living village has the feel of stepping back in time to when everyone used to get to know their neighbour and look out for each other. With a gym, swimming pool and even a cinema to use whenever you want to, the Fairways definitely provides entertainment and opportunities to socialise galore as an added benefit.

3. Assistance if you need it

And finally, the peace of mind of knowing that you can get assistance with your day to day living at any time from as little as a 15 minute visit through to more structured care. There will always be someone around and on site to make sure you are looked after.

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