What is AST and how can it help me?

For those people who want to move into The Fairways as soon as possible there is an option of moving in on our AST scheme.  AST stands for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.

How does it work?

In short, you don’t have to wait for your house to sell before moving in. Once you’ve exchanged on your new apartment, you simply rent it whilst you sell your old home on the open market and make the most of the facilities here straight away. You then have up to 12 months to sell your existing home at which point you would complete on the purchase of your new home at The Fairways.

undefinedWhat are the benefits?

  • You move in sooner, you don’t have to wait for your old home to sell
  • If work needs doing to your old home then this can be done without you living there
  • Viewings on your old home can be carried out without you living there
  • For those needing access to care or support they can receive it sooner
  • You can enjoy the facilities without delay!
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